Frequently Asked Questions

Can you draw me a...

NO. unless you're paying me, it's a waste of my time really. If you wanna commission me, then we can talk. =D

How do you draw?

I pick up a pencil and press it to paper. it's not that hard. *end sarcasm* really, it just takes enough practice and patience.

Can you teach me how to draw?

Honestly, I'm still teaching myself how to draw, so it's alittle hard for me to teach others. I don't really know how I draw anyway, it just...comes? o__O

Can you teach me how to work Photoshop?

One of my most asked questions. I didn't have anyone teaching me how to work it, so I had to figure it out on my own. In other words, no, I don't know how to teach Photoshop, HOWEVER! There are plenty of tutorials on the web, they can help you like they helped me along, just google them.

How do you come up with your ideas?

My wonderful and slightly insane creative mind. Music inspires me too, nothing like drawing to the sound of rockers screaming in my ears; it sorta drowns out the outside world so I can concentrate more in my world.

How come most of your art is bloody and dark? Are you some kind of emo/goth person?

yes people, I do pay attention to what people say about my art. I am not emo, I'm not goth, I am me. wow that's a new one huh? I can't help but be me, and me likes bloody stuff. I know people also call my art 'on the depressing side.' It is merely me expressing emotions through pictures. so what if I drew some girl dying a horribly bloody death? You can bet I was smiling real big making all those blood effects. Besides, blood can be messy!

Then what do we call you?

Gothic hippie works nicely.

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