Welcome to my website of art or whatever you wanna call it. So glad you dropped by! This is where I placed most of my artwork now, not only to clean out my DeviantART account, but to also let people take a look at how far I've come and improved through the years. So check it out, and I hope you enjoy =D



June 13, 2007~ More art added. To save space I'm not doing the individual fancy looking web pages anymore.

May 19, 2007~ Added a new character to the Character section (in Extra).

May 1, 2007~ Shop has been set up, all except for commissions. Go check it out

April 1, 2007~ Small blog added to the Artist section, it will record my art achievements =D Artwork update coming soon

March 15, 2007~ I'm back! With a new Layout and more art included in the gallery. Also there's a new section with character profiles and more! Shop section still needs to be set up, but I hope you enjoy the rest!

Artwork&LayoutİShelley Nance 2007 - Layout brushesİMiss M.